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grill kayaks

Kayak tours with a qualified guide and at a gentle pace. No prior knowledge of the sport is required. Miscellaneous notes on the modality, as well as the natural environment, saliniculture and the city of Olhão. Enjoy an immersive experience in the so-called "heart of the Ria Formosa".

general conditions

Minimum age: 12 (in double kayak accompanied by a parent) or 16 with the possibility of individual kayak.

Maximum Capacity: 7 Pax

Minimum capacity 3 Pax (possibility of joining people on a tour until the capacity is reached).


Bring a towel, a change of light clothes, a windbreaker, hat, protectionLOLolar, water.

routes and prices


"Triângulo de Olhão" - tour with two stops.

Half day tour  (2.5h - 6.5km) - 40€/per person 

Exclusive half day tour (1 to 6 Pax) - 240€


"Salina, city and island" - tour with four stops.

Extended tour (10 km - I have to confirm the distance) - 80€ - We still have to think about this tour if it makes sense to you (see notes above).

Exclusive extended tour (1 to 6 Pax) - 480€




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