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Fleur de Sel, Salinas do Grelha, Olhão, Algarve

salt flower

Fleur de sel (Flor de Sal in portuguese), is the so-called flower of salt, a very rare type of traditional sea salt that forms on the surface of the salt pans. Its crystals form very quickly and therefore have a different crystal structure from the coarse sea salt. They are thinner, more fragile and their mineralogical composition is slightly different.


The Fleur de Sel appears only on days with particular weather conditions and is harvested from the surface of the water with a handmade tool called “rodo-coador”. The crystals must be scooped from the surface the very same day to keep them from falling overnight. This ensures that their purity and unique characteristics, that are so appreciated by the world's best chefs, are retained intact.

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